Pay monthly options for a new boilerAre pay monthly options right for you?

If you have an old or inefficient boiler, replacing it can mean a substantial investment. More people than ever are looking at different ways to finance a new system and for many the pay monthly option is an obvious attraction. But does it give you value for money and should you really be considering them?

The average cost for installing a new, energy efficient boiler is now over £2,000. The pay monthly option means that, rather than the large initial outlay, you agree a contract term over which you pay a certain amount each month. For that, you get the installation and a brand-new boiler without having to take out a bank loan or find the money elsewhere.

The Pros of a Pay Monthly Boiler

  • Firstly, of course, you don’t have to get the upfront cost together and you can get exactly what you need straight away.
  • You might think that you are putting yourself up for a large additional long-term costs but, find the right deal, and you may only be paying around £30 to £40 a month. Much depends on the system you choose and the length of the contract period.
  • Within the industry there is a good deal of flexibility when it comes to contract length which can make things easier if you are on a low income. Some companies offer periods of up to 12 months as well as 3 to 5 years.
  • With installing a more energy efficient boiler you should also expect to see a significant saving on your energy bills. This will obviously depend on your normal usage and what kind of system you are switching from but some scenarios could see you saving as much as £30 a month.
  • Your boiler is covered by the manufacturer's warranty up to 10 years (as long as it is serviced annually), which means you don’t have to worry about extra costs further down the line should anything go wrong.

The Disadvantages of a Pay Monthly Boiler

  • The first thing you will need to consider is the length of the contract. Being tied into a long one can cause problems and you need to make entirely sure that you are not entering into an agreement that you are going to have difficulty keeping.
  • The longer the contract the more you are likely to pay. The cost per month is lower, but the interest payable is higher. If you can afford it, interest free options means you pay the same amount as if you bought it outright.
  • You also need to factor in the length of the contract and how long you are going to be in the property. If you decide to move before the end, you will have to ensure that the new owners will take on the contract, otherwise you’ll be left to pay the remainder.
  • Credit checks are carried out and you will require a good credit rating.
  • A deposit can be required prior to works being carried out.


On the whole, pay monthly boilers give you the opportunity to get a high-quality installation and spread the cost to suit your budget. With the addition of interest free options, you end up paying the same as if you bought the boiler outright, but with the benefit of spreading the cost. A new boiler no longer means raiding the rainy day or holiday fund, there are lots of pay monthly options available to you.

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