Gas Safe Register - Gas and cowboys don't mix

You want a new, energy efficient boiler. You also want to save money. You’ve done a little DIY and figure: how hard can it be? All you need to do is cover the cost of the boiler, get your tool box out and get on with the job. After all, it’s just attaching some pipes and plugging in, isn’t it?

There are, however, several, very important reasons why you should always get a professional, qualified installer.

It’s Illegal

To install a boiler, you need to be on the Gas Safe Register. That means you’ve had the training and shown the competence to install a range of different boilers and carry out maintenance. If you ever hire someone to work on your boiler, you’ll be able to check that they are on the register – they’ll have a Gas Safe Identification Card and a licence number. Without it, you’re breaking the law by carrying out this kind of work.

It’s Dangerous

In fact, it’s very dangerous. It’s not like dealing with ordinary plumbing where you’re likely to get a face full of water if you get things wrong. Get your gas connections even slightly awry and you could end with an explosion. Even if you think that everything is okay, once you’ve connected up your boiler, problems like carbon monoxide leaks can be very serious. It’s estimated that there are over 50 deaths, and as many as 4,000 medical visits because of these kinds of leaks each year.

If you are not a licenced gas boiler installer and you carry out work you shouldn’t and it then goes wrong, not only could you put people’s lives at risk but you could end up in prison because of your negligence.

It’s Against Building Regulations

There are a variety of different regulations covering the installation of boilers and the like. You need to be aware of these and make sure you comply. Even if you are installing something like an LPG boiler, you’ll need to make sure that it complies with local government regulations. If you do put in a boiler and it doesn’t comply with the right building regulations, you are putting yourself open to a fine and will certainly have to spend extra money putting things right.

The Benefits of a Qualified Boiler Installer

  • First of all, doing it yourself is simply not an option, even if you do think it will save you money. The consequences of getting it wrong can be catastrophic.
  • When you use a qualified installer, you don’t invalidate your warranty. Manufacturers stipulate that any boiler needs to be put in by someone who knows what they are doing and who is properly qualified. If you do it yourself and the boiler breaks down, the manufacturer will be quite within their rights to refuse repairs.
  • A qualified installer will be able to make sure you get the right boiler installed for your needs and check the rest of your central heating system into the bargain. That includes flushing out your system prior to installing the new boiler. Many reputable installers will also carry out regular maintenance for you over a period to ensure your boiler remains ultra-efficient and in good working order.

Gas and Cowboys Don’t Mix

There really is no reason that you should be installing a gas boiler yourself unless you are on the Gas Safe Register. With the range of options available on the market nowadays, including pay monthly options, the cost effective and safe way is to get the right installer in to do the job.

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