It is really over the past few years that boiler warranties have become so competitive. It has become a tool that manufacturer’s use to promote how reliable their boilers are and for homeowners and landlords it offers complete peace of mind. Ultimately you are the winners, in the battle between the manufacturers.

How do I get a 10 year warranty?

Most of the boilers we install have a warranty of 7 years. The most popular boiler being the Ideal Logic + (pictured right) which balances price and a long warranty of 7 years. We love these boilers and have seen first-hand how they have developed over the years. For customers wanting extra peace of mind we can also install the Ideal Vogue, this is the top of the range boiler from Ideal Boilers. A 10 year warranty for this boiler is available, but in order to get the full warranty, an Ideal Magnetic Sludge Filter must be installed.

What does the warranty cover?

Most boiler warranties, as a minimum, cover what is inside the boiler casing. The type of boiler/system you have will determine what is covered. A combi boiler, also called a combination boiler as it provides both instant hot water and heating, offers the best warranty. The reason for this is because all components such as the pump, valves and expansion vessel are within one compact unit. In respect to hot water and central heating, all you need to worry about is your radiators, radiator valves and pipework. The main parts are covered by the boiler warranty, and so long as you adhere to the terms you have little to worry about throughout the warranty term.

Second on the list for trouble free heating and hot water is what is called a system boiler. This is different as hot water is stored in a cylinder, and motorised valves and programmers are external to the boiler. With this system the costliest components are covered in the warranty, yet there is more that can go wrong that is not covered. This includes, motorised valves and programmers and any issues relating to the hot water cylinder.

Third on the list is what is called a regular boiler, this boiler is suited to older central heating systems and has the most external components. Unlike the boilers mentioned before the pump is external to the boiler, therefore not covered in the warranty. Most commonly these systems have what is called a feed and expansion tank. This is another element of the system that can go wrong over time. So even if your boiler is covered for 10 years, it does not mean the rest of the system is. The warranty is on the boiler and not the system. This is why a combi boiler really offers the best value as far as warranties are concerned because all the components to make the boiler and system work are within the boiler itself, it is something to consider when choosing your next boiler.

What do I need to do to keep the warranty valid?

The most important action you should take is only once a year and that is to have boilers serviced and recorded by a Gas Safe Engineer. At Boilers Direct we charge £72.00 inc VAT and this includes a full service, cleaning of sludge filters, cleaning of condensate traps, gas tightness test and flue gas analysis. We provide a full record so the manufacturer can see the boiler has been maintained.

What is recommended to prolong the life of my boiler?

Number one on the hierarchy of looking after your boiler is regular maintenance i.e. an annual boiler service. Number two is to install a magnetic sludge filter recommended by manufacturers and required to get a full 10 years warranty on the Ideal Vogue. A magnetic sludge filter collects virtually all suspended black iron oxide sludge which can then be removed during service. Black iron oxide can block heat exchangers, radiators, pumps and valves. By installing a magnetic filter you are protecting all the vital components of your heating system. We highly recommend them, and from experience know they work. Black sludge is collected on a magnet which can be removed and cleaned, so instead of blocking up any of the components black sludge is completely removed from the system.

What happens if I have a problem with my boiler?

Thankfully it is rare, but even the best manufactured boilers can go wrong. If this happens Ideal have a very good track record of keeping to their warranty obligations. An Ideal engineer will arrange an appointment to visit you and fix the boiler free of charge. Just make sure it has been serviced annually, the Ideal engineer may want to see proof of this.

If you would like any further advice please contact us, we will be happy to answer any questions you may have.

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